Exactly what is Wedding Digital photography?

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For a lot of pairs, this could appear a strange question to ask, many would address that wedding event photography is the type of photography done throughout wedding events. That is partially appropriate. Yet that over simplifies the meaning of wedding celebration digital photography. The art of wedding celebration digital photography has modification significantly in the past twenty years. Today …

How to Organise a Hen Party Or Hen Weekend

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Arranging a chicken weekend break might look like a challenging task and if it’s up to you to get it arranged, don’t stress, it’s not so hard! So exactly how do you organise a chicken weekend? Well we’ve pulled with each other an easy to comply with checklist of things we assume you should believe concerning to obtain you began! …

Guide to Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

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Did you know that some rings are better suited for different personality types? Take the time to do some research, stealthy, while going through the list here. Does she like gold more than platinum? Is she allergic to any metals? These considerations and lots more are included in this infographic, which is why it’s worth saving to your phone to …

Paintball Explained

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The gamers of the team have to eliminate the opposing gamers by firing these paintballs at them. When a paintball hits a gamer he obtains removed. Paintballs are made in a special means. They are generally gelatin pills, which have tinted liquid. This paint or colour liquid is risk-free as it is safe, water eco-friendly as well as soluble. Paintballs …

A Look at Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings That May Be the One for Your Bride to Be

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Among all the different shapes being sold in the market today, the classic round shape is still preferred by many, with 75 percent of all diamond engagement rings sold being that shape. Most attribute the preference for that shape because round diamond is generally much superior than the other shapes at the proper reflection of light and that, in effect …

Top Wedding Food Disasters and How to Plan for Them

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Food can make or break a wedding reception. Many hours of thought and preparation have to go into what you’ll serve your guests on your wedding day. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. When it comes to wedding food, failing to plan is planning to welcome a food disaster. You don’t want your wedding to be remembered because of how bad the food was or how you ran out of food. Have a look at some of the top wedding food disasters and how you can avoid them.

1. Bad Food

The most common wedding disaster is bad, boring food. It usually results from food not being as fresh as it ought to be. Food can become unappetizing if it’s not originally cooked, reheated or maintained at the appropriate temperature. Other than having an unpleasant taste, such food can also cause food poisoning.
Try to be sensible with the choice of your menu. The summer heat, limited refrigeration and an outdoor reception should influence your choice of food. Serving ice cream

Bridal Party Duties

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Do You or Don’t You? Duties Of The Wedding Crew

Bride and Groom, your roles are clear — get yourselves happily hitched, giving everyone a great day out while you do.

So what about the rest of the wedding party bunch?

The order of play is a lot more blurred these days, when brides may balk at being ‘given away’, couples often fund part of the wedding, and parents of the groom want a greater part of the action.

But whether it’s full-on tradition, or alternative modern-mode, there’s a part for everyone to play.

Far from an exhaustive list, we bring you the bare essentials for the wedding party pile.

Her Folks

• Parents of the bride, you are pivotal — no pressure, but it’s up to you to hold it all together
• To kick off, host a small (or large) engagement gathering to celebrate the announcement
• Once you have that behind you, work the guest list into shape along with the blissful couple
• Dad &

Choosing your wedding cake

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Wedding Cake Corner

The confection conundrum — choosing your cake and eating it.

What could be more tempting than one lovingly baked, lavishly iced and lusciously filled creation? Well, three actually. Which is what Brangelina chose for their recent big day, feasting on no less than three wedding cakes in the opulent surrounds of their French country chateau. (http://www.rte.ie/ten/news/2014/0902/640895-first-photos-of-brangelina-wedding-emerge/)

But for most of us mere mortals, just one will do. We’ve a few pointers to kickstart your search for the perfect cake solution.

Sizing the issue

Should it be round or square? Tall or small? Or maybe it’s not a cake at all — brides and grooms of late have been swapping the traditional slab for all kinds of tasty alternatives. Cascading cup cakes and masses of mouth-watering macaro

Anna Campbell Gossamer Bridal Collection

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There is something truly mesmerising about an Anna Campbell dress, with designs simply dripping with decadent embellishments, intricately beaded laces, soft pretty tulles and floating silk chiffons. No matter which Anna Campbell bride you may be, when you slip into your dress on your wedding day you will feel timeless, yet not traditional, sexy yet sweet, and truly beautiful – just how every one of our brides should feel on her wedding day

voltaire weddings, wedding dresses,  (11)Inspired by French romance, the Gossamer collection is the epitome of timeless, classic elegance and is designed to create a beautiful silhouette for the bride seeking to embody both grace and glamour in a custom crafted gown. Modern flourishes are met with opulent fabrics, vintage touches and the finest of lac